Cucumber is a widely cultivated plant in the gourd family. It is the fourth most cultivated vegetable in the world and known to be one of the best foods for body’s overall health. It is often referred to as a super food.
Rehydration and replenishement of daily vitamins, skin and hair care are some of the health benefits fo cucumber. It fights cancers, relieves bad breath, works as hangover cure, aids in weight loss and digestion, cures diabetes, reduces cholesterol and controls blood pressure. Those were the hitherto known reason shoppers go for the vegetable in the market.
However, it would appear that cucumber has a more interesting attraction for some women. The use of cucumber among ladies for sexual plays instead of the male sexual organ has been on the increase, which makes ladies who wish to buy the plant for the sake of making salad or for some other health benefits, a suspect of lesbianism and other sexual rascality. This, perhaps, have be seen as cheap alternative or replacement for manhood and popular sex toys.
Recent discovery has proved that people who eat cucumbers, bananas, carrots and hot dogs among others, are actually eating potential sex toys. The popular vegetable is now the commonest item found among women for penetrative plays.
Before now, cucumber is viewed as a vegetable fruit mainly eaten raw or used in making salad but today, such vegetables is found more useful by women for more intimate functions and instrument for sexual satisfaction.
Therefore, eat a cucumber in a lady’s refrigerator could just be a sex toy. Sequel to this disclosure, some ladies are beginning to shy away from buying cucumber in order not to be touted lesbians.
“After hearing Chidinma’s scandal, when I went to the popular Mile 12 Market in Lagos to buy salad items for my friend’s child dedication, I was forced to buy in large quantity, more than what I needed, just to clear any suspicion that I might be using it for sexual purposes,” said Ray Ojugo, a house wife. The suspicion was more when it dawn on Nigerians that women now use cucumber as a sex toys.
The video that went viral in the social media, showing a Nigerian’s beauty queen, Chidinma Okeke, and her friends Ada, in ‘cucumber sex action’ has also increased this suspicion.
Also, a female student of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) was caught trying to do a quickie on herself with a small cucumber recently. But the plant broke in the course of the action and stuck inside her private part. When she cried out for help as she bled profusely, she was rushed to the medical centre, where doctors demanded consent of her parents before a surgery could be done to remove the piece of cucumber in her vagina.
Instead of waiting to be treated, she ran away from the hospital. But the big question here is ‘does cucumber give the same sexual desire as penis?
Does a toy or vibrator supply the same desire, which is the reason for sex in the first place? What do people think the role of sex is, when it seems sometimes, a battery operated vibrator and refrigerated cucumber would do?
Ibidunmi Ajare said cucumber gives some degree of satisfaction, especially when the user has sexual desire and there is no one available to assist. She noted that, even sex therapists tell people to use cucumbers in the absence of vibrators as a temporal relief. She said, “I used to have the impression that sex doesn’t really have any particular meaning in the life of human beings.
My earlier thought about sex was just about getting fantasy. “Though I have not used any of the sex toys before, I know a friend who uses banana and cucumber. She stays for several months without the desire to have sex with a man after using her toys.
So, I believe it gives her the satisfaction she needs most of the time. “So, sex has all sorts of meanings to different people at different times. I guess it would be better to ask what sexual acts mean to people individually, rather then what it meant in general.” Corroborating her comment, Brander Johnson, said though she hasn’t used cucumber before, she knows of a person, who uses cucumber for penetrative plays. “Cucumber may offer some level of satisfaction since it comes in different sizes and shapes.
Those who desire big or small sizes will surely get one. “It sounds as if I’m freak here. I’m very sexual but I didn’t always have the option of buying sex toys. I heard about it in modern culture and since I was naive and ignorant, I thought I would give it a go. But as I had suspected, it didn’t work at all. Eventually, I managed to get my hands on some actual sex toys and all was well,” she added.
I need the real ‘stuff’
But on the contrary, while she was asked to make a choice between real ‘stuff’ (manhood) and cucumber for sexual satisfaction, Rachael Agiri said, “Why should I prefer cucumber? Cucumber is not human and never does w h a t human can do. With cucumber, you are helping yourself out while with the real thing, someone is helping you to get satisfaction.
“I have never used it and I don’t intend to do so. I can’t say which gives better satisfaction but for me, I prefer the real thing. With the real thing, you can get to orgasm over and over again.

When married couples have sexual intercourse, the sexual satisfaction is written all over the woman. This can’t be compared with the fulfillment from the artificial cucumber plant.
“Vibrator is even better but the disadvantage is that you could find it difficult to reach orgasm, than when you are with a man. The reason is that with a vibrator, you can go on and on because it’s a machine but while with a man, he gets tired easily, that is why some sex crazy ladies have turned sex maniacs following the prolonged use of sex toys.” She noted that those who indulge in regular use of sex toys are in most cases tired of men and their deceitful ways.”
Before cucumber became the order of the day, most women try to penetrate themselves, using banana, carrot, sizable bottles, especially the container of Cuba perfume, at least, once in their lives. The situation didn’t start today but cucumber seems to be offering different sizes. Some have big bananas in their refrigerators, perhaps, for the same reason.”
In general, a sex therapist, Dr. Blair Adejumo, said: “Since we can’t rule it out, then, if you are going to improvise a sex toy, make sure you pick an item that is smooth with no sharp point or sharp edge that won’t break nor shatter under intense pressure resulting from persistent stroking. This should go without saying, but please, only use an item that solely belongs to you.
“If the cucumber is used as a sex toy, it should be disposed after use or at the very least, it should not be put anywhere where someone else would pick it up and make a salad out of it. Cucumbers, vibrators and other sex toys give an escape, a release, but in the big picture, it doesn’t come close to the feeling of shared emotion that comes  from intimacy with the opposite sex. “With sex toys, you are in control of how it plays out, with a partner, there is that ‘unknown’ fact that turns the tables.”
My husband bought me a vibrator 

A young mother, Jackie Agbankanise, whose marriage is just three years, said her husband bought her a vibrator and warned her against the use of any other sex toys…including another man.
Jackie, who is married to Jamike, said she was dumbfounded when her husband, who lives in the United States, came back with a vibrator. “Unbelievable, my husband came back and handed over a vibrator to me. He told me that my persistent desire to be with him made him to buy me a vibrator. It was funny but that was my husband for you.
He wanted me to be faithful to our marital vows. He prefers me to use sex toys than to meet another man, but I have never used any sex toys before. I don’t know how it works.”
Cucumber, carrot, banana can hurt vaginal lining – Medical experts
In the words of Dr. Perry Iloegbunam, with sharp frictions, cucumber and any of these improvised sex toys can really hurt the delicate vaginal lining. It’s therefore, not safe to use any of these improvised sex toys. Cucumber, especially cannot withstand pressure when the lady is on top of the game. It can break right inside there and will require a clinical surgery for it to be removed.
He added: “Of course, there is the case of sexually transmitted diseases and infections. Cucumber has some chemical compounds in it that will not be tolerant to the walls of the vagina. Carrot is worse of it all, as the friction and pressure makes it to peel inside the body.
“Please do not stick fruits or vegetable plants in your vagina.
Even if you clean such objects, you should not put plant down inside. Ever peeps on medical information will tell you just to put a condom on it, but you know what else you could do? Get a vibrator instead of wasting a perfectly good cucumber meant for a salad.”
Speaking on the same side effects, Dr. David Sobel said, “First, if you are worried about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), you must be rest assured that you can’t get an STD from masturbation.
Masturbation in and of itself, does not cause disease. That is to say it’s still a good idea to avoid irritating and hurting your genital area when you masturbate. “I encourage you to wash your hands before and after touching yourself, and don’t put anything sharp or dirty near your vagina or anus. You should always be careful with those parts of your body but you don’t need to be afraid to explore your body.
It’s healthy and normal to touch yourself. “Many ladies, who go for cucumber  and other improvised plants, do that because they are cheaper than vibrators. It’s also available at all times and people will not suspect any person who buys cucumber in the market. ”
There are many different reasons that people use sex toys. Some people use them for lack of a sexual partner or because their partner is not able to satisfy them. The pleasure from sex toys is different from that of a partner however, so many people also use them to get both and not only one of them, for example, during sexual intercourse vibrators are used additionally.
However, not only the females use cucumber as sex toys. Men who use it as sex toys shop for the biggest and fattest cucumber, cut it in half, scoop out the seeds to accommodate the hard-on and plunge right in!

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