A randy man sneaked into the bedroom of his housemaid to have a carnal knowledge of her in an affair that seemed to have been going on for a while.
The man and his housemaid sensually engaged
A daughter almost nabbed her father actively engaged in a s*x romp with their housemaid as they were both scantily-clad.
In the short video clip that was acted, the lady reached out to the housemaid who was romantically engaged with the head of the family at that moment. The man smartly hid himself at a corner of the room while the house-girl feigned sickness.
The unsuspecting daughter wondered why her father was nowhere to be found late in the night with his car still parked in the compound. The housemaid quickly lied he was off to a neighbour’s house.
As the young lady left, the horny man covering his n*kedness with a wrapper came out to continue the pleasure act with the door locked.

The man’s daughter questioning the housemaid
Watch the video below: